Thursday, November 18, 2010

ipads new to our school

on monday of this week, our school received three ipads that we had ordered. since then, we have been investigating the use of ipads in school. i have received many helpful hints and ideas for apps that were "must have" from my PLN. granted we are only in day 3 really of the testing but i have a few early observations.

#1. what good is an ipad as an instructional device if i can't show the app through a projector to all my students? i mean, there are some really cool apps out there but it doesn't make one bit of sense if i can display those apps to a crowd. gathering 24 students around the ipad just doesn't work. come on. there has to be an easy way to mirror the ipad display.

#2. tweetdeck on the ipad is about as cool as it gets. can't say enough about this app. it just works the way all things should work on an apple product. apple spends a large amount of time thinking about design and making things intuitive on their own software. tweetdeck has taken this into account and the app is just smooth.

#3. when e-textbooks on the ipad become as cool as wired magazine on the ipad we will no longer have students overburdened and weighted down with book bags. i need a team of software people over here right now. let me design an e-textbook for us history that is native to the ipad and i will put every other textbook company out of business. for sure.

like i said, we've only had these things for a couple of days and i'm sure that there is much more to learn. i'm sure that some of you out there will let me know if i am in error with any of the above. so far, i can see many uses for the ipad in education but i don't think we have even scratched the surface of the way this thing should scale in usage. once software types really begin to figure it out, every student in america is going to want one of these and schools may be willing to buy them for them.

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