Tuesday, February 3, 2009


some students who are part of our "pub club" (publications...)here at school just interviewed me for an upcoming issue of our school newsletter. they did a good job and they had some interesting questions. one of the questions they asked was "what is one of the strangest things that has ever happened to you in a classroom?"
that's a good question. having been teaching now for a decade and a half, i've had a few weird things happen to me. but i'll tell you the story that i told them. one time i had a deer try and get into my classroom. i think he heard there was some real learning going on and he wanted to see what is was all about. ok, i made the second part up, but not the first.
one afternoon some students and i were having quizbowl practice when i heard something smack hard against my outside window. it sounded like a big bird had just flown into it. i looked over and saw a blood smear on the window and assumed that it was, in fact, a bird. but as i walked over to the window, i saw the deer get up. it must have tried to cross the road and have been spooked by a car and ran toward the light of my window. it rose up, still disoriented, and jumped over towards another teacher's classroom. my kids then freaked out. it was just weird.
i can only imagine what would have happened had a live, spooked deer made it through the window and into my classroom. pandemonium i'm sure. people could have been hurt.
but as it was, the deer gathered itself and took off towards the field that was beside the school. i assume from there it made it into the woods and i hope it is relaxing in the woods somewhere even now.
just another day in teacher land...

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