Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Is there a school here?

Some days it all just seems rather funny to me. The school that I teach at has been in existence now for going on five years but no one seems to know that we are around. Just today, I was finishing up 5th period lab time (which we have in our great hall/cafe)with the students when the room began filling up with Child Nutrition staff from across our county. As the students were leaving and I was cleaning up, one of the ladies motioned me over and asked me, "Is there a school here?" I told them "yes" and proceeded to tell the assembled ladies about our program. After I was finished they all said what a great idea we had and how neat our school was. I agreed.
I do think that we have a great school and other people "in the know" must think so also. We received the Innovator award from the New Schools Project of NC this summer. That means we were recognized out of all the New Schools Project schools in NC as the people exemplifying what the New Schools Project is all about. That's pretty cool.
On Thursday of this week MTV will be filming on our campus as part of our participation in the Youth Truth Survey last year. We were one of 20 schools in the country to participate in that Gates Foundation initiative last year. Thursday they will film a video about our school and the survey results and show it to other schools across the country this year as the Youth Truth Survey expands.
So, we are getting noticed for what we are doing. Just not by the people in our own community. We are a small school open to anyone in our county and I would like for the people of our area to know more about us. So spread the word my friends. Tell your peeps about the good things we are doing at The Newton School.

Here's a link to our school page:

The Newton School

and here's a link to the:
New Schools Project of NC

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

hit and miss

well, school has been back for a week now and it is time for some first week reflections. so in no particular order, here we go...

#1. our classroom doors now have locks. wow. a nice concept. we went all of last year with no locks on our doors. only a few things were stolen. this year might be even better. maybe nothing will be stolen and maybe we won't have to even use the locks.

#2. not content with just one classroom, i have now taken over another classroom and our cafeteria! the rest of the school and the surrounding city block are next.

#3. our garden is producing too much okra.

#4. it will take me at least a year to get used to the fact that one of my female colleagues got married. it's not that i don't believe her, it's just that i may never remember to call her by her new last name.

#5. hey, we still have jobs!

all snarkiness aside, it has been a great start to a new year at the school. things are running more smoothly than ever and we have another great group of kids. the fact of the matter is that most kids are pretty good. if i didn't believe that i wouldn't be doing what i am doing. the students want and expect us to teach them something about life. they trust that we will do it as best we can and that we won't harm them too much in the process. i don't think that is too much to ask. they are here so i am here. we battle the forces of evil together.

i expect that i will be posting a little bit more soon and that we will have all kinds of interesting things to talk about. until then...