Tuesday, January 6, 2009

youth truth survey

one of my colleagues just received a fedex box with our youth truth survey materials in it. the good people at the gates foundation have picked us (ok, maybe we volunteered) to do a survey of all of our students.

one of the things that we are trying to do is to use data to inform many of our decisions. this is another form of data that we are going to be able to use.

we are constantly trying to figure out how we are doing and how we are going to improve. this is a question that businesses ask themselves all the time. but how often does it happen in schools? i've always thought that if you want to know how teachers are doing, you should ask the kids. the kids see us everyday. instead, we rely on adminstrators to tell us how we are doing. principals, superintendents, people like that. people who aren't in our classrooms very often.

maybe we'll find out some good information...

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Nightingale said...

I think that part of the reason we don't typically ask kids is because we are AFRAID of what they might say. The truth is sometimes we know and they know that things aren't perfect but having the ability to do something about it is PRICELESS!