Tuesday, January 13, 2009

weirdness (or more so than normal)

so somedays are weirder than others. today has been one of those days. my day began this morning bright and early about 7:10 at school when one of our students walked in with a word issue. it seems she had been working at home on a project, saved it, and then brought it to school to print out. however, when she went to print it out here all of her words had changed to weird alien symbols. i thought "no problem, she has just switched the font accidentally to symbols." not so easy. i go to switch the font, and it changes everything to blank boxes. what in the world is going on here? i stare at it for another few minutes and decide i have no idea.
moving forward into the day. we began our youth truth surveys today. nothing really weird about the surveys today. it came off without a hitch. one thing that i thought was funny though was the fact when the students finished the survey they had the option of adding youthtruthsurvey as a friend on myspace or facebook. that is, if they could get there because we block those sites here at school.
speaking of blocking sites. we moved to a new set of access points for our wifi this past friday and now my mac on my desk won't log onto the internet.
we also began tours of the school today in preparation for the application process. prospective students and their parents walking around. cool.
after this i start to work on updating a picture on the school homepage. i wanted to put some new pictures on there and have them rotate while you are on the page. i kept swapping emails with our webpage person downstairs and it must be in the air but i just wasn't getting it. finally, i decided i needed a sundrop and while i was downstairs getting a drink i dropped by the guru's office and had her show me how to do it.
meanwhile, the student with the font problem walks into my room and opens a powerpoint on her flashdrive. guess what? the powerpoint has the weird alien writing. it's like someone somewhere is trying to tell us something. i keep having Charlemagne Pursuit flashbacks. then, the student just goes up to the font tab and switches the font and it comes back into english. but it wouldn't do it on the word documents. then she goes and looks at another paper on her flashdrive and it is in the alien writing as well. again, the word docs won't let her change it to anything.
did i mention that there is learning going on all over the place...
school is a fun place to be.

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geoff said...

Just keep downing the Sun Drop...and it will all work out.