Sunday, January 4, 2009

new beginning?

so i have been trying to figure out where to put my educational musings. i mean, i have a bunch of blogs that i use for different things, but none really for my thoughts on education and where we are heading. so, i said to myself, "self- you really need to begin to have this conversation about education and schools and such OUT THERE. you know, out of your head where others can see it and comment on it."
and here we are. i've had this blog that i used to do tech training on @ my last school and this thing has been languishing around useless in the ether-verse for a long time. all the archived links before this one will just take you to a trial run of my students and myself playing with a blog and their cell phones. unless you are really bored, i'd ignore the previous posts. i was going to delete them all but then thought differently.
in any regard, i have decided to begin to use it again.
the purpose will be for me to write down random thoughts on education and things that are happening @ my school. basically though, we are just going to see where the wind takes us.

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