Thursday, February 5, 2009


in the same vein as yesterday's post, i'm still working on ways to spice it up a little more in my classroom. so now i'm wondering about skype. i have played around with skype and have used it a few times to communicate with people but i'm wondering now about its use in the classroom.
i know that a lot of teachers use it in the classroom but where are we supposed to find people to skype into our classes? i have seen some lists of people who are willing to skype with a class but i prefer to set it up with people i know. unfortunately, i can't think of anyone i know that would be a useful and willing participant right now. i'm sure that i will eventually get together a group of people who are willing to skype with my classroom but as of now, i see it as this great possibility.
so who do i know that might be willing? lots of people. how many of them could be useful in a world history or us history class? i don't know. i've got to think on it a little more. i know lots of talented, interesting people. i just don't know what they know about history.
i'll have to work on this a little more...
any suggestions or volunteers, please let me know.

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