Monday, February 21, 2011


wouldn't it be great if public schools had the funding that they needed? as i sit here writing, i'm working on several grant proposals and trying to dream up ways to raise money for our school. we are a public school in north carolina and, like in most states, our state is facing a huge budget deficit for next year. rather than address a tax code that hasn't been changed since the great depression, our legislature is currently considering cutting state employee pay. the future is not very bright for more funding for public schools.
so, we are looking for alternative sources for funding. in schools, a little bit can often go a long way and we already fund raise for quite a few of our programs. we also are constantly on the look-out for grants and other programs that can infuse a little bit of cash into our coffers.
as a new school (this is our 6th year of existence), we are always in need of money to help us with our ideas. we get excited when we get a new couch or some signs advertising our existence around here. so, i know i have talked about funding before, but i'm wondering how other schools raise money for their programs. where does the money come from?

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